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Short dresses in 1970


In 1970 short dresses above the knee were considered cute and sexy. Most of them had the “A” line and were made of synthetic fabrics under many different names: crimplene, arnel, tricel etc… Some colors such as green and red are intense, there are flower patterns, a lot of buttons and pockets and the waist is gently underlined.  

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Slim waisted dresses in 1955


In 1955 beautiful women could be proud of their slim waists wearing those long dresses with wide swinging skirts. They were often with flower patterns; of course a hat and gloves could complete a glamorous look.

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Rayon dresses in 1957


Winter 1957 rayon dresses in various styles. Rayon which is synthetic would be manufactured as a replacement for silk but also as a wool alike material. Dresses are mostly buttoned and skirts have all kinds of shapes well below the knee.

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