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Grace Kelly in High society 1956


Grace Kelly has been starring in “High society” in 1956 which was a remake of “The Philadelphia story” from 1940. As usual, she looks stunning all along the film wearing with elegance and distinction a simple blouse with trousers as well as a magnificent swinging evening dress or a smart white bathing suit.  

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Slim waisted dresses in 1955


In 1955 beautiful women could be proud of their slim waists wearing those long dresses with wide swinging skirts. They were often with flower patterns; of course a hat and gloves could complete a glamorous look.

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Rayon dresses in 1957


Winter 1957 rayon dresses in various styles. Rayon which is synthetic would be manufactured as a replacement for silk but also as a wool alike material. Dresses are mostly buttoned and skirts have all kinds of shapes well below the knee.

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