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Lady Diana’s skirt suits in the 1980s


Lady Diana came into the British royal family in 1981 aged 20 and she immediately became the center of all attention from press photographers. She soon showed a remarkable talent for dressing with elegance in every occasion through the 1980s. Here is Lady Di wearing some suits: pencil skirts with long jackets below the hips were trendy in those years. ...

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Marisa Berenson top model in the 1960s


Marisa Berenson was born in New York and started modeling in the early 1960s. She was a worldwide known socialite and according to Yves Saint Laurent, she became “the girl of the Seventies”. Marisa also played major roles in many films among them Barry Lyndon in 1975.

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Short dresses in 1970


In 1970 short dresses above the knee were considered cute and sexy. Most of them had the “A” line and were made of synthetic fabrics under many different names: crimplene, arnel, tricel etc… Some colors such as green and red are intense, there are flower patterns, a lot of buttons and pockets and the waist is gently underlined.  

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Grace Kelly in High society 1956


Grace Kelly has been starring in “High society” in 1956 which was a remake of “The Philadelphia story” from 1940. As usual, she looks stunning all along the film wearing with elegance and distinction a simple blouse with trousers as well as a magnificent swinging evening dress or a smart white bathing suit.  

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Jean Shrimpton top model in the 1960s


Jean Shrimpton was an English model who started modeling in 1960 aged 17 and soon became worldwide known as “the shrimp”. She had an affair during 4 years with famous photographer David Bailey who made her one of his favourite models in “swinging London”.  

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Twiggy top model in the 1960s


Twiggy was born in 1949 in a London suburb. She became a worldwide famous model in the mid sixties with the coming of the controversial miniskirts in the “swinging London”. She looked very special with her boyish short haircut, her black eyelashes and her very thin body.

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Slim waisted dresses in 1955


In 1955 beautiful women could be proud of their slim waists wearing those long dresses with wide swinging skirts. They were often with flower patterns; of course a hat and gloves could complete a glamorous look.

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Smart skirt suits in 1968


In 1968, the skirt suit would be a proper way to dress smart for special occasions, wedding, going out at night and at the office. Jackets are rather short and gently waisted, skirts are just above the knee in various shapes, “A” line or pencil. All these are mostly fully lined. Of course wearing a hat and gloves would complete ...

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